The company was started in 1994 and was registered in 1998 as a Design & Construction firm. It was founded by its principal, Mr. Medardo M. Cortez who has a degree in Architecture and has been involve in many fronts from designing to building and from residentials to urban and city planning. Since then it has catered and carried different types of projects serving out of honesty and sincerity.

OUR goals

  • To remain competitive at all fronts at all times.
  • To meet client’s satisfaction in every end.
  • To have a sense of fulfillment in all our every endeavors

OUR vision

As a design firm, we envision to provice architectural services that is evolving and transforming to meet the need of the client, at the same time practical and functional.

As a construction arm, we envision to server out clients to always provide services with our maximum output but cost-friendly services.

Trusted Construction Company in the Philippines.  Committed to Customer Satisfaction.

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